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How to install the slant bed cnc lathe

2020-09-24 11:23:34

Slant bed CNC lathe, namely computer digital control lathes, are the most widely used and covered CNC machine tools in China, accounting for about 25% of the total number of CNC machine tools. It is a mechatronic product integrating many technologies such as machinery, electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, microelectronics and information. The machine tool that has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high automation and high flexibility in mechanical manufacturing equipment.

The machine tool is placed on the foundation, it should be leveled in a free state, and then the anchor bolts are evenly locked. For ordinary machine tools, the level meter does not exceed 0.04/1000mm, and for high-precision machine tools, the level meter does not exceed 0.02/1000mm. When measuring the installation accuracy, it should be carried out at a constant temperature, and the measuring tool should be used after a certain temperature period. When installing the machine tool, every effort should be made to avoid forced deformation of the machine tool. When installing the machine tool, some parts of the machine tool should not be disassembled casually. The disassembly of the parts may cause the redistribution of the internal stress of the machine tool, thereby affecting the accuracy of the machine tool.

Preparation before commissioning:

After the geometric accuracy of the machine tool is qualified, the whole machine needs to be cleaned. Use cotton or silk cloth soaked with cleaning agent, not cotton yarn or gauze. Clean the anti-rust oil or anti-rust paint applied to protect the guide rail surface and the machined surface when the machine tool leaves the factory. Clean the dust on the outer surface of the machine tool. Coat each sliding surface and working surface with lubricating oil specified by the machine tool.

Check carefully whether all parts of the machine tool are filled with oil as required, and whether enough coolant is added to the cooling box. Whether the oil of the hydraulic station of the machine tool and the lubrication device of the automatic room reaches the position specified by the oil level indicator

Check whether the switches and components in the electrical control box are normal, and whether the integrated circuit boards are in place.

The centralized lubrication device is started by electrifying, so that the lubricating parts and the lubricating oil circuit are filled with lubricating oil. Make all the preparations before each part of the machine tool moves.

CNC machine tool is the abbreviation of digital control machine tool, which is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process the program with control codes or other symbolic instructions, and decode it, so that the machine tool can operate and process parts.

Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools have the following characteristics:

1. High processing precision and stable processing quality;

2. Multi-coordinate linkage can be carried out, and parts with complex shapes can be processed;

3. When machining parts change, generally only need to change the NC program, which can save production preparation time;

4. The machine tool itself has high precision and high rigidity, can choose a favorable processing amount, and has high productivity (generally 3~5 times of ordinary machine tools);

5. The machine tool has a high degree of automation, which can reduce labor intensity;

6. Higher requirements for the quality of operators and higher technical requirements for maintenance personnel.

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