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Precautions for daily maintenance of CNC lathe

2020-09-29 16:08:35

        The daily maintenance of CNC lathe is a very important part. Not only can it affect the service life of the equipment, but it can also prevent failures during work and delay the work process. Therefore, the operator who will require maintenance must not only master the knowledge of machinery, processing technology and hydraulics, but also have knowledge of electronic computers, automatic control, drive and measurement technology. In this way, we can do daily maintenance while understanding the equipment, so we can avoid equipment failure in daily work. The following briefly describes what to pay attention to during maintenance work:

        1. Choose an appropriate use environment. In order to prevent dust from entering the parts and affecting the compactness of the processed parts, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment site is hygienic and clean enough. Because the use environment of the equipment will directly affect the normal operation of the machine tool, it is necessary to strictly comply with the installation conditions and requirements specified in the machine tool manual when installing the machine tool. When economic conditions permit, CNC machine tools can be installed with ordinary machining equipment, which is convenient for repair and maintenance.

cnc lathe
        2. Numerical control machine tools should be routinely maintained by specialized personnel for numerical control system programming, operation and maintenance. Because these people are more familiar with the machine tool's machinery, numerical control system, high-power equipment, hydraulic pressure, air pressure and other parts of the characteristics of the use environment, processing conditions and other factors, and can use the machine tool and system instructions for correct use, so they It is relatively suitable for routine maintenance and maintenance.

        3. Clean up in time. Such as air filter, cleaning of electrical cabinets and cleaning of printed circuit boards. Also check the machine tool cable, mainly check the movable joint of the cable, to see if there is a bad contact, disconnection, short circuit and other faults at the corner.

        4. The parameter memory of some numerical control systems uses CMOS components, and when the storage content is powered off, it will rely on the battery to supply power and maintain. When a low-voltage alarm occurs, the battery needs to be replaced immediately, and it must be performed while the control system is powered on, otherwise the stored parameters will be lost and the CNC system will not work.

        5. Do not use CNC lathe for daily maintenance for a long time. When the equipment is not in use, the CNC system should be energized frequently, and when the machine tool is locked, run it dry. During the rainy season, the air humidity is relatively high. In this case, it needs to be energized every day, and the heating of the electrical components is used to drive away the moisture in the CNC cabinet, which can ensure the stable and reliable performance of the electronic components.

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