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FOSHAN SHUNDE GUOQIANG DAOSHENG CO.,LTD. Product introduction: CNC46-T is a CNC lathe with automatic manipulator, loading and unloading to achieve unmanned operation; safety and reliable. They depend on the circumstances to adjust the speed, a person can simultaneously operate several machine...

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Product introduction:


CNC46-T is a CNC lathe with automatic manipulator, loading and unloading to achieve unmanned operation; safety and reliable. They depend on the circumstances to adjust the speed, a person can simultaneously operate several machine tools; can greatly reducing labor costs. The robot control can program into the overall controller. Within simple operation, easy maintenance. Scope: Transfer, handling, glue, welding, stacking. It has the advantages of simple operation, high speed, high precision, engage in productivity, high rigidity, high cost.


Product parameters:



Robotic lifting ability

6kg(can be customized)

Manipulator diameter

6kg(can be customized)

Maximum workpiece quality


Beam (X-axis) material

Steel beams

Beam (X-axis) rail

Linear Guides

Beam (X axis) drive

Timing belt

Beam (Y-axis) material

Steel beams

Beam (Y axis) rail

Linear Guides

Beam (Y axis) transmission

Timing belt

X-axis movement speed


X-axis acceleration


Y-axis movement speed


Y-axis acceleration




Drive mode

Servo + reducer

control method


Maximum stacking height

400mm(can be customized)


Close to the switch form

Sheet metal shield

One machine protection

Product features:
1. he whole body machine tool is in place
2. Intelligent warehouse can be flexibly adjusted for parts of different sizes.
3. Multi - variety intelligent manufacturing, according to the processing beat demand can rotate 10 stations, 12 stations and so on.The full-body manipulator greatly reduces the operator of the machine tool, helping you to deal with the "labor shortage" and the rising labor cost in your stride, one-piece machine tools, and lower costs.
4. Automatic intelligent solutions, high speed, high precision, productivity, high rigidity and high cost performance.

Product detail:


Certificate of quality:

  1-1_副本.jpg  1-2_副本.jpg

Our Service:


Q: minimum order quantity
A: 1 SET
Q: delivery time
A: the delivery time will be confirmed by different machines with different configurations. Some models are in the store. Some models take about three months.
Q: warranty period
A: from the date of bill of lading, the company implements after-sales service. The warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, our company will provide replacement parts free of charge if the parts or damage are caused by the quality of the machine. At the same time, the machine should be provided by the buyer according to the operation procedure (except for improper operation or artificial damage).
Q: payment time
A: we like to make 100% T/T.
Q: Is your price competitive?
A: Only good quality machine we supply. Surely we will give you best factory price based on
superior product and service.
Q: Which level of quality are your products?
A: We have got CE, ISO.

Production workshop:
The existing machinery production staff of more than 60 people, Research and development staff 10 people, Accessories production staff more than 30 people, Professional after-sales service staff of 10 people, Mainly for mechanical design, Electrical control, Software control, Professional talents in after-sales service and other fields. Has a number of independent innovation technology, Multiple patented technologies. Company production workshop area of more than 6000 square meters, Accessories processing workshop more than 2000 square meters, Office area more than 1000 square meters; In order to ensure the accuracy of important parts, The establishment of internal processing workshop, an area of more than 1000 square meters.

Packaging Details:
Plastic stretch film for the first layer, EPE packaging film for the second layer, and packing with wooden case at last, together with pallet on the bottom of wooden box.

Standard export port:
Shunde or Shenzhen

Standard packing:
Wooden box packing

Packing scene picture





Our Customers:

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TEL: +86 18923291668
Address: NO.4-7, Xingye 3rd Road, Guanglong Industrial Park, Chencun, Shunde District, Foshan City

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