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Stainless steel slant bed

Stainless steel slant bed

FOSHAN SHUNDE GUOQIANG DAOSHENG CO.,LTD. Product introduction: CNC36C is Slant bed lathe, machine control system is used Taiwan's SYNTEC 6TA. Can be used in conjunction with bar feeding automatic. The workpiece clamping type: hydraulic, performance optimization, good heat dissipation, It has...

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Stainless Steel Slant Bed For More Than 13 Years

A new slant bed gang type CNC lathe which total power is 7kw,max swing diameter is 400mm and its chuck size is 6.It also equipped with computer automatic lubrication system.Meanwhile,the machine is slant bed and the full-closed. 



Stainless steel slant bed  workshop 
The existing machinery production staff of more than 60 people,Research and development staff 10 people, Accessories production staff more than 30 people, Professional after-sales service staff of 10 people, Mainly for mechanical design, Electrical control, Software control, Professional talents in after-sales service and other fields. Has a number of independent innovation technology, Multiple patented technologies. Company production workshop area of more than 6000 square meters, Accessories processing workshop more than 2000 square meters, Office area more than 1000 square meters; In order to ensure the accuracy of important parts, The establishment of internal processing workshop, an area of more than 1000 square meters.

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