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Analyze the system of economical CNC lathe

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Economical CNC lathes are also called simple CNC machine tools. Its main features are cheap and functionally targeted. Under normal circumstances, the conversion of ordinary machine tools into economical CNC lathes can improve the work efficiency by 1 to 4 times, while reducing the scrap rate, improving product quality, and reducing the labor intensity of workers. The cost of the renovation can usually be recovered in about a year.

Generally, a single-board microcomputer is used as a control device, and a stepping motor is used as an actuator to transform an ordinary machine tool into an economical CNC lathe. The modified machine tool not only retains the versatility of the original machine tool, but also adds many features that are not available in traditional machine tools, such as automatic tool setting, clearance compensation, automatic adjustment of feed rate, and automatic homing. This machine is especially suitable for the frequent and turn processing of shafts, disc parts and medium-complex parts with taper and spherical surfaces.

Economical CNC lathes can be divided into three categories according to the drag system:

1 Open loop system driven by stepper motor. Such systems are widely used. Economical CNC lathes complete the machining of cylinders, planes, cones, surfaces and threads.

2 asynchronous motor or DC motor drag, grating measurement feedback point CNC system.

3 semi-closed loop system driven by DC servo motor. This type of system is mainly used for new machine tools because of its high price.