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CNC milling machine classification method

- Jun 21, 2018 -

1 CNC Vertical Milling Machine

The vertical axis of the CNC vertical milling machine is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. This type of milling machine accounts for most of the CNC milling machines and has the widest application range. At present, the three-axis CNC vertical milling machine accounts for the majority of CNC milling machines, and generally can perform three-axis linkage processing.

2 Horizontal CNC milling machine

The axis of the spindle of the horizontal CNC milling machine is parallel to the horizontal plane. In order to expand the processing range and expand the function, the horizontal CNC milling machine usually adopts the method of adding a numerically-controlled rotary table or a universal numerically-controlled rotary table to realize the four-axis and five-axis linkage processing. In this way, it is not only possible to process the continuously rotating contour of the side of the workpiece, but also to change the machining position of the part, that is, the so-called station, through a turntable in a single clamping, and to process a plurality of positions or working surfaces.

3 Vertical and horizontal conversion milling machine

The main shaft of this type of milling machine can be converted, and it can perform vertical machining and horizontal machining on the same CNC milling machine, as well as vertical and horizontal milling machines.