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How to maintain double-head CNC lathe

- Jan 11, 2018 -

(1) To keep the work area clean, so that the machine around the maintenance of dry, close to keep work areas lighting good.

(2) To keep the machine tool clean, every day before the boot under the guidance of training instructors on the movement of the oil lubrication, and make the machine empty running three minutes, according to the instructions to adjust the machine tool, and check the machine tool parts handle is normal position.

(3) The rack on the guide tube must always be kept clean.

(4) Take care of machine tool table surface and guide surface, the hair embryo piece, hammer, spanner, file and so on are not allowed directly on the worktable surface and the guide surface.

(5) Shut down the computer by shutting down the computer before work, cut off the power. And wipe clean the grease on the keyboard and monitor.

Double-head CNC lathe Maintenance work is very important, which is related to the extension of service life, so we should pay attention to maintenance in peacetime use.