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How to maintain the processing center in winter

- Sep 03, 2018 -

When the machining center is in use, many failures are caused by some small reasons. Develop some good habits, meticulously maintain, and carefully check before work, which can effectively reduce the failure and greatly extend the service life. A well-maintained device, and an unmaintained device, may have several years of service life. I hope that users will not neglect the value of maintenance.

1) Clean up the impurities in the cutting fluid in time to avoid internal blockage of the spindle, resulting in poor circulation and so on.

2) Make sure the lubrication pump is working properly and work after warming up.

3) If the cooling liquid is poured out, don't forget to re-add the water tank the next day, and run at low speed to ensure that the water outlets are out of water.

4) Clean the chips in the machine in time to avoid the drainage blockage or stroke obstacle caused by the push, and may even cause the machine to malfunction.

5) After work, if it is not guaranteed that the coolant in the tank will not condense, it is best to pour out the water and drain the coolant from the main shaft and the water pipe to prevent the ice from being blocked or broken.

6) It is necessary to ensure the fluidity of the cold liquid, and avoid the condensation caused by the low temperature, because the cold is not smooth and the cooling is not timely.