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Maintenance of CNC lathe for inclined bed body

- Jan 11, 2018 -

CNC lathe is a kind of high precision, high-efficiency automatic machine tools, equipped with multiple-station turret or power turret, machine tools have a wide range of processing performance, can be processed linear cylindrical, slash cylinder, arc and a variety of thread, groove, worm and other complex workpiece, with linear interpolation, circular interpolation compensation functions, And in the production of complex parts has played a good economic effect.

The maintenance of the CNC lathe of inclined bed body is as follows: In order to ensure the working precision of CNC lathe of inclined bed and prolong service life, it is necessary to carry out reasonable maintenance work on the CNC lathe for the inclined bed body of oneself, the lathe maintenance is good or bad, directly affects the workpiece's processing quality and the production efficiency, when Taiwan Yu precision machine cnc lathe runs 500h, Need to carry out a level of maintenance, oblique bed CNC lathe maintenance work to operate the main workers, maintenance workers in conjunction with, maintenance, must first cut off electricity, and then according to the maintenance content and requirements for maintenance.