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Milling machine classification by layout form

- Jan 11, 2018 -

1. Lifting table Milling Machine: Have universal type, horizontal and vertical, etc., mainly used for processing small and medium-sized parts, the most widely used.

2. Gantry Milling machine: including gantry milling and boring machine, gantry milling planer and double column milling machine, are used to process large parts.

3. Single-column milling machine and one-arm milling machine: The former horizontal milling head can be moved along the column guide, the table for longitudinal feed, the latter's vertical milling head can be moved along the cantilever rail level, the cantilever can also adjust the height along the column guide. Both are used to process large parts.

4. Worktable does not lift the milling machine: has the rectangular table type and the circular table type two kinds, is between the elevating table milling machine and the gantry milling machine one kind of medium specification milling machine. The vertical movement is accomplished by the milling head rising and descending on the upright column.

5. Instrument Milling Machine: a small lifting table milling machine for machining instrumentation and other small parts.

6. Tool Milling Machine: used for tooling and tool manufacturing, with vertical milling head, universal angle table and Plug and other accessories, but also for drilling, boring and interpolation processing.

7. Other milling machines: such as keyway milling machine, cam milling machine, crankshaft milling machine, roller shaft neck milling machine and square ingot milling machine, etc., is a special milling machine which is made for processing the corresponding workpiece.