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NC Machine Tool Programming

- Jan 11, 2018 -

NC Machine Tool Programming method has three kinds: namely manual programming, automatic programming and machining center CAD/CAM.

1. Manual Programming

By manual completion of part drawing analysis, process processing, numerical calculation, writing program list until the program input and inspection, suitable for point machining or geometric shape is not too complex parts, but very time-consuming, and the preparation of complex parts, error prone.

2. Automatic programming

The process of compiling a part program by using a computer or a knitting machine is convenient for complex parts.


CAD/CAM software is used to realize the modeling and image automatic programming. The most typical software is Master CAM, which can finish milling two coordinates, three coordinates, four coordinates and five coordinates, turning, wire cutting programming, this kind of software although the function is single, but easy to learn, the price is low.