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Packaging and storage of milling machines

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The milling machine uses the wooden box packing, the wooden box manufacturer in the manufacture wooden box, according to gb7284-98 "The frame wooden box", gb/t13384-92 "the electromechanical product packaging general technical condition" and the related standard, the above standard has made the specific stipulation to the box material, the structure, the moisture content and so on item.

The sampling determination of the box inspection shall also refer to the inspection code of the sn/t0275-93 "Export commodity transport Packing box", the Machine tool in the box should be effectively fixed and padded, and its electrical and processing unpainted surface should be done rust-proof moistureproof treatment, its rust-proof period of two years, in storage and in the period of the machine tool class products should be kept in the library, Temporary open-air storage should be padded and thatch to prevent rain, flooding. The center of gravity of the box, rain-proof, not inverted, light and other signs should be complete in order to ensure the delivery of products intact, safe arrival destination.