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Remote monitoring and maintenance system for CNC machine tool

- Jan 11, 2018 -

CNC machine tool Industry proposed wireless remote Diagnosis System project requirements, the state information and alarm information of the machine tool can be transmitted to the central server in time through wireless communication terminals, and the central server will store, analyze and statistic the data, and notify the supervisor or customer service personnel in time to make the correct response. To improve customer service quality.

Through the acquisition of the operating state data of the field equipment uploaded to the remote Monitoring center, can be based on the relevant data analysis equipment operation, and according to the data analysis can be timely grasp of the equipment when the fault, can be done in advance to respond to equipment failures, reduce the field equipment because of failure causes equipment downtime, Avoid causing greater loss to customers.

Preventive Maintenance Mode: Determine the status of the working equipment, put forward the prediction of the maintenance of the equipment, compared with the traditional reactive maintenance and regular maintenance, this way greatly reduce maintenance and operating costs