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Safety rules for milling machines

- Jan 11, 2018 -

1. Loading and unloading the workpiece, must remove the tool, cutting the head, hand not close to milling noodles.

2. Use Xu is milling machine to the knife, must slow into or hand in, not fast forward, take the knife, no parking.

3. Quick advance and retreat knife when the attention of Xu-milling machine handle will hit.

4. Enter the knife should not be too fast, no sudden change in speed, Xu-milling machine limit block should be adjusted well.

5. Up and down and measuring workpiece, adjusting knives, fastening speed, must stop Xu is milling machine.

6. Assembly and disassembly of the end milling cutter, the table should be Mat board, the removal of milling cutter nut, force should not be too fierce.

7. Do not hand touch or use cotton yarn to rub the rotating parts and knives, prohibit the use of hand to the knife plate.

8. Under normal circumstances, a chuck can only clip one workpiece at a time, because a clamping head of more than one workpiece, even if the clip is tight, rough into the knife when the force is very large, two workpiece this is easy to slip, resulting in the workpiece flying, knife broken, wounding accident.