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Tool Selection method for NC lathe

- Jan 11, 2018 -

In the selection of CNC machine tool processing, should consider the following issues:

1. CNC tool type, specification and precision grade should be able to meet the CNC lathe processing requirements.

2. High precision. In order to meet the requirements of high precision and automatic tool changing of NC lathe, the tool must have high precision.

3. High reliability. It is necessary to ensure that the tool and the accessory must have good reliability and adaptability if the tool's accidental damage and potential defects are not affected by the machining.

4. High durability. CNC Lathe processing tools, whether in roughing or finishing, should have more than ordinary machine tools to use more durability, in order to minimize the replacement or grinding tool and the number of knives, so as to improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools and ensure processing quality.

5. Good chip and chip performance. CNC lathe processing, chip and chip is not like ordinary machine tool processing in a timely manner by manual treatment, chip easy to wound in the cutter and workpiece, will damage the tool and scratch the workpiece has been machined surface, and even wounding and equipment accidents, affecting the quality of processing and machine tool safe operation, so the tool has a good chip and chip performance.