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Use CNC automatic lathe precautions

- Aug 22, 2018 -

1. Due to the unstable voltage of the domestic unit, in order to ensure the normal operation of the CNC system, it is recommended to equip the regulator (1.5KVA or above, three-phase)

2. The average daily working time of this machine should not exceed 12 hours.

3. Avoid excessive dust and corrosive gases such as acids and alkalis in the environment.


1. Before the machine tool is used, the hydraulic oil tank should first add 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil. The guide rail and rail oil ensure that the guide rail is properly lubricated. For the machine that uses cutting fluid, the cutting fluid or cutting oil should be added to the water tank. Sufficient. First turn on the pump manually to see if it is working properly. If there is no water, replace the two wires. This series of machine tools is designed for mechatronics and must be trained to operate the machine. If you do not understand the operation method, please do not operate and adjust the machine.

2. Please read the instruction manual carefully to understand its purpose and limitations.

3. When the power supply is connected to the machine, it must use three-phase five-core wire, three wires to connect the motor, one to the machine ground wire, and the other to the 220V neutral wire to check whether the voltage meets the standard. Unsteady, a voltage regulator must be installed.

4. The machine tool should not be subjected to heavy-duty cutting, otherwise it will affect the turning accuracy and service life.

5. For unconventional operations, do not operate until you have enough machine tools and fixtures.

6. Keep the work area clean and keep the machine clean and lubricated at each lubrication point.

7. Children should not be close to the machine, and all visitors should leave the work area at a certain distance. When the machine is working, the machine cover should be closed to prevent the iron scraps flying out during the machining of the machine from injuring people.

8. Proper use of the machine tool, processing according to the design parameters of the equipment, do not let the machine work outside the scope specified by the design.

9. Do not use machine tools in hazardous locations, such as wet, rainy areas, or where there is a fire or spark that can cause a fire, the work site lighting is better.

10. Make the machine clean before starting the machine, and do not leave tools, tools, debris, etc. Do not adjust or remove the tool while the machine is running. In particular, do not use gloves to directly remove the iron filings wound around the workpiece!

11. Keep the tool in the best condition, keep the tool sharp and clean for the best cutting results.

12. When repairing or replacing accessories, first cut off the power and stop the oil supply. High temperature and high pressure hydraulic oil is easy to injure people!

13. Use replacement parts of the same model and size for repairs.