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What are the characteristics of precision CNC lathes

- Jun 26, 2018 -

Precision nc lathe is an important equipment of modern manufacturing technology, its quality and reliability level directly influence the development level of a country's advanced manufacturing technology.

The development of advanced manufacturing technology, not only the requirement of machine tool with functions of superior performance and high degree of automation, more requirements which has the function of performance and maintenance, reliability, maintainability and maintenance supportability.Compared with ordinary lathes, precision CNC lathes have the following characteristics:

(1) high processing precision and stable processing quality:

(2) through multi-coordinate linkage, the processing of complex workpieces can be realized:

(3) if small and identical parts need to be processed, only the nc program and corresponding parameters need to be appropriately adjusted, which can effectively save the preparation time of production:

(4) high production efficiency, which can reach 3-5 times of the normal lathe:

(5) high degree of automation can effectively reduce the labor intensity of staff:

(6) precision nc lathe, high precision, high quality requirements for operators and maintenance personnel.