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Multi-axis Machine Tool Classification Introduction

- Jan 11, 2018 -

1. Adjustable

The body structure is composed of a gear box with a universal joint head, and since the universal joint is movable shaft parts, therefore, within the limited range can move around, in the adjustment of processing hole distance is not limited by the gear, suitable for processing a variety of qualitative holes, the use of a wide range of shortcomings is the lack of precision control, long-term use of the movement rate slightly higher, Suitable for a single piece of processing volume is not large, long-term replacement of processing parts enterprises.

2. Fixed type

According to a single piece of processing parts tailored multi-axis, that is, in accordance with the spacing of parts, arrangement, fixed dead axis, to achieve a single product single axis, one piece of the Multi-Axis standard scheme, which is the use of the final model of the multi-axis, is to improve the production efficiency of the fastest drilling equipment, fixed-type plus guide-plate multi-axis precision and durability, in the replacement of parts, There are a lot of space to pick up the convenience, will not be hampered by the treatment, the products processed more accurate, multi-axis drilling machine is also more durable.