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Operation Preparation Of CNC Lathe For Inclined Bed Body

- Jan 11, 2018 -

1. Oblique bed body CNC lathe Geometry precision Inspection After passing, need to clean the whole machine, with a cotton cloth or silk cloth soaked with detergent, not using cotton yarn or gauze, washing off the inclined bed body CNC lathe to protect the guide surface and processing surface of antirust oil or antirust paint, cleaning the outside surface of the machine tool dust, The sliding surface and the working face are coated with machine tools to make lubricating oil.

2. Carefully check the oblique bed CNC lathe parts are required to add oil, cooling box whether to add sufficient coolant, machine tool hydraulic station, automatic lubrication device oil to the oil level designator specified parts.

3. Check the electrical control box switches and components are normal, each plug-in integrated circuit board is in place.

4. Starting a centralized lubrication to install the Xuan, so that the lubrication parts and lubricants road filled with lubricants, do a good job in the machine tool parts before the action of all preparation.