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Structural Characteristics Of Cylindrical Grinder

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Cylindrical grinder mainframe from the bed, the front, the tail, grinding head, transmission and other components of the dust suction device, the head, grinding heads can be turned angle, used for grinding thimble and roller chamfering special fixture, dynamic balance frame, roller detector three parts by the customer order.

1. Cylindrical grinder grinding wheel spindle bearings with conical forming oil wedge dynamic bearing, grinding wheel spindle at low speed is still a high bearing stiffness.

2. The Wheel frame Guide adopts the Cross roller Rigid guide rail, the semi-automatic feed mechanism uses the rotary type oil cylinder realization.

3. Tailstock shafting has the characteristics of no clearance stiffness, electrical box, hydraulic box cooling box and machine tool separation.

4. Cylindrical grinder is rich in grinding indicator and coolant filter.

5. The head frame speed only then that AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

6. Cylindrical grinder Electrical use of programmable controller (PC), with self-diagnosis function, maintenance is very convenient.

7. Optional automatic measuring instrument.