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The CNC Car Machine Industry Should Dialectically Use The -artisan Spirit

- Aug 25, 2018 -

As people's living and consumption levels continue to rise, everyone has higher standards for products and services, so shopping abroad has become popular, and various "overseas purchasing" has become popular. It can be seen that only by going out of impetuousness, concentrating on polishing its own products, and striving for excellence, can we meet the increasing demands of consumers. In this way, the spirit of artisans is a "good medicine" for Chinese companies.

On the other hand, the craftsman spirit has penetrated many Japanese companies in the bone marrow, but the situation is worrying: SHARP has suffered losses in successive years, and finally committed to FOXCONN; TOSHIBA has suffered huge losses and financial fraud, and it has become a place where sellers and producers survive; PANASONIC, NIKON, SONY are also There are distressed operations that fall into different degrees. The giants who are so craftsman-like are all going downhill, and it seems that the toxicity of the craftsman spirit is not small.

So, how do you choose for Chinese companies? This requires a dialectical view of the problem. Chinese people do business with flexibility and flexibility. This is an advantage, but it lacks the spirit of craftsmanship. Therefore, it needs to be supplemented and supplemented. However, Japanese companies are more rigorous and less flexible, and their craftsmen are full of spirits. Therefore, the spirit of artisans is medicine, but "it is a three-point drug." Chinese companies should promote the spirit of craftsmen, but the business concept of flexible mobility cannot be lost. Take advantage of the beneficial ingredients in the craftsmanship and optimize yourself.

Craftsmanship is not a panacea, excessive superstition in the spirit of craftsmanship, it is easy to pass. Today's artisans with outstanding craftsmanship often lack the strategic thinking of commercial warfare, because the more great and dedicated craftsmen, the more they are ignorant of the world, and the flexibility of response will be slower in the face of a volatile market. A few shots. In addition, these companies often lack subversive innovations. For example, in the field of automobile engines, the fuel engine manufactured by an automobile company can hardly hear noise at high speed. This is definitely a master craftsmanship that has been tried and perfected for many years. But the reality is the introduction of new energy vehicles, making the excellence of traditional engine technology a historic possibility. Therefore, TESLA and BYD bypass the shortcomings of their traditional fuel engine technology, and exert their power on the power mechanism of electric vehicles. The Hitu curve overtaking leads the new generation of automobile manufacturing industry. In this situation, if the traditional auto giants are obsessed with the advantages they have accumulated over the years, they can be expected to be dragged down by disruptive innovation.

Longkou Bluetooth Digital Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is also a typical Chinese company. It needs the "artisan spirit" tonic, but it has not lost the flexibility of Chinese enterprises. The company's CNC car machine, turning and milling machine tool, turning and milling machine can provide customized service and design according to customer's needs at any time, but no matter how customized, will not give up the quality of the pursuit, perfection is our constant The pursuit.

A person who only makes one product in his life, and strives for perfection, is a great craftsman, and can even become a national treasure-level master, which is amazing; but if a company is also the same, keep the past glory, only see the field that he is good at. And products, do not go to their own lives, so sooner or later will be subverted by disruptive innovation. The Qing dynasty, which was arrogant and closed, was the forerunner of the past.