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The Development Course Of Milling Machine

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Milling Machine was the first horizontal milling machine created by American E. Whitney in 1818. In order to mill the spiral groove of the twist Drill, the American J.R Brown created the first universal Milling Machine in 1862, which is the embryonic form of the elevator milling machine. 1884 before and after the emergence of gantry milling machine. The 1920s, the emergence of semi-automatic milling machine, worktable using block can be completed "feed-fast" or "fast-feed" automatic conversion.

After 1950, the milling machine in the control system has developed rapidly, the application of digital controls greatly improve the automation of the milling machine, especially in the 70 's, the microprocessor digital control system and automatic tool-changing system in the milling machine has been applied to expand the processing range of Milling machine, improve the processing accuracy and efficiency.