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The Take Off Of Manufacturing Begins With The CNC Machine Tool Industry

- Aug 25, 2018 -

China is a world-recognized world factory, and the status of manufacturing a big country is undisputed, but China is still far from being a manufacturing power. The core of the gap between China and the manufacturing powerhouse lies in the intelligence and high-end manufacturing industry. The reality is that one of the core industries of China's manufacturing industry, the status quo of the CNC machine tool industry, which is known as the "mother of industry", is not optimistic.

It has been a full 40 years since the reform and opening up. One phenomenon that has always existed is that consumers complain that the quality of domestically produced products is poor. When it comes to domestically produced goods, they are subconsciously associate with cheap, low-end, talking about imported goods, and where is the import? That is all high-end goods. Although there is a suspicion of worshipping foreigners, it is an indisputable objective fact that most domestically produced goods have a gap with the quality of similar foreign products. On the other hand, a large number of domestic manufacturing owners complain that products have low profits, do not make money, and some even turn to the development of the Internet and real estate. Over time, most of China’s manufacturing industry has become small enterprises and high-tech enterprises. Labor-intensive chicken rib industry.

The root cause behind this phenomenon is traced back to the source, and there is a gap between the upstream industry of the manufacturing industry, the CNC machine tool industry and the international high-end machine tool enterprises.

The CNC machine tool industry is the core of the manufacturing industry. It covers a wide range of products, including CNC lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, boring machines, punching machines, drilling machines, etc., as well as various types of composite function machines such as CNC car machines. the use of. Related downstream industries also cover a wide range of industries including rail transit, shipbuilding, mold industry, petrochemical, military, motor vehicle manufacturing, energy and power.

Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of manufacturing a strong country, we must first achieve the precondition of the machine tool power. For example, the development level of a country's high-end manufacturing industry can be reflected in the performance and production capacity of core engines such as aerospace and automobile manufacturing, while the precision of CNC machine tools for producing engine parts refers to Directly restrict the production level of the engine.

China's national conditions are that not only high-end engines need to be imported, but also high-end precision machine tools. For some well-known reasons, the most advanced and most advanced machine tools in foreign countries are used as strategic control resources and strictly forbidden to export to China. In other words, the core components of the core lifeline of manufacturing are in the hands of others, while domestic companies are slow in research and development innovation.

China is the largest producer of machine tools in the world and the largest consumer and importer. This should be the golden period for the rapid development of domestic machine tools, but the reality is that the core components of medium and high-end CNC machine tools rely on imports, and When you open the market, you can only fight the price and further reduce the profit margin. This has led to overcapacity in low-end and mid-range machine tools, and poor bargaining power; high-end machine tools rely heavily on imports, and there is no bargaining power at all.

Therefore, if we really want to achieve the goal of "making a strong country", we can't always say "the leader of the Japanese market", but we must do a real job of research and development and innovation. This process is undoubtedly boring and lonely before the outcome, which is why the country has repeatedly emphasized the "artisan spirit".

Longkou Bluetooth Digital Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has long been deeply aware of this problem. Its self-developed CNC car machine has a number of national patents. It has reached the international advanced level after being appraised by experts, filling the national gap and exporting to Germany. South Korea, India, Russia, Indonesia and many other countries. The Bluetooth company's road to innovation has never stopped, and there will be no slack in the future, and efforts will be made to contribute to the country's "manufacturing power" goal.

The grand goal of "making a strong country" must not be in the form again. It must be intimate and you should fight hard to fight. The development of the manufacturing industry, please start from the CNC machine tool industry.