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DS-6-T Automate Machine Make In China For Accessory Industry

DS-6-T Automate Machine Make In China For Accessory Industry

DS-6-T is a automate machine,it can finish all the processed by the machine.Cut time and worker,can be flexibly adjusted for parts of different sizes.Help you to deal with the labor shortage.Increase the movement range and range to increase the freedom of layout.

Guoqiang Daosheng
1.The whole manipulator is in place at one time
2.Intelligent warehouse can be flexibly adjusted for parts of different sizes. Multi - variety intelligent manufacturing, according to the processing beat demand can rotate 10 stations,12 stations and so on
3.The full-body manipulator greatly reduces the operator of the machine tool, helping you to deal with the "labor shortage" and reduced labor cost for you; one-piece machine tools, and lower costs
4.Automatic intelligent solutions, high speed, high precision, productivity, high rigidity and high cost performance
Model DS-6-T
Robot lifting capacity(kg) 6
Grip diameter of manipulator(kg) 6
Maximum work piece quality(kg) 0.5
Beam(X axis)material Steel beam
Beam(X axis)guide rail Linear guideway
Beam(X axis)drive Synchronous belt
Beam(Y axis)material Steel beam
Beam(Y axis)guide rail Linear guideway
Beam(Y axis)drive Synchronous belt
X axis moving speed(m/min) 150
X axis acceleration(g) 0.8
Y axis moving speed(m/min) 150
Y axis acceleration(g) 0.8
Repeatability(mm) 0.2
Type of drive Servo+reducer
Control method CNC
Maximum stack height(mm) 400
Position fixing Proximity switch from
Sheet metal shield Integrated machine protection

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